What does Med View Services do?

Med View Services employs a staff of clinically experienced, licensed registered nurses to evaluate potential medical malpractice cases for personal injury law firms. We are not legal nurse consultants, but an important addition to your legal intake process that allows you to screen and qualify—or disqualify—medical malpractice case leads.

How do you identify yourself to callers?

Our Medical Review Specialists introduce themselves as agents calling on behalf of your firm when they speak to your potential clients. In every interaction with your potential clients, our nurses act as extensions of your firm, ensuring your clients receive the customer service, attention, empathy, and respect they deserve.

How do you determine if a case has medical merit?

When our registered nurses talk to your potential clients, they will use their medical knowledge and proven bedside manners to gather information that answers four key questions:

  1. Is there significant or permanent injury or damage?
  2. Is there an apparent or suggested deviation in the standard of care?
  3. Is there a direct link between the deviation and the injury or damage?
  4. Is a further review of medical records recommended?

Answers to these questions are weighed accordingly to help us make a clear “Yes” or “No” recommendation as to whether a case warrants further review by your firm.

How long does it take to get a case evaluation?

Our goal is to contact your potential client within hours of receiving your request for an evaluation. Sometimes clients are difficult to reach, and some cases may take longer to investigate than others, but in many cases your firm will receive the results of our review within one business day.

How much do your case reviews and evaluations cost?

Our reviews and evaluations are provided on-demand at your request. There are no monthly charges, subscription fees, or hourly rates—you only pay for each individual case evaluation you receive. You are not charged for missed calls, unreachable clients, or withdrawn cases. For detailed pricing information, please call or email our Sales Executives.

If you have questions about how our service works, what we do, or who we are, contact us today. Call us at 615.852.8852 or use our online form to find out how we can help your firm maximize all of its medical malpractice intakes.