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At Med View Services, our registered nurses evaluate the merit of medical malpractice case leads on your firm’s behalf. You send us the names, phone numbers, and patient information of potential clients, and we do the rest.

Investigating Your Medical Malpractice Case Leads

When we contact your potential clients, we conduct a verbal assessment to answer four key questions about their claim:

  1. Is there significant or permanent injury or damage?
  2. Is there an apparent or suggested deviation in the standard of care?
  3. Is there a direct link between the deviation and the injury or damage?
  4. Is a further review of medical records recommended?

Using the results of our investigation, we provide medical merit recommendations for your cases early in the intake process, so you can focus your firm’s resources on cases that get results without wasting time on cases that have little or no medical merit.

Medical Merit Recommendations

After every call, we use the information we collect to create a case evaluation. We email your firm an easy-to-read report with a clear “YES” or “NO” medical merit recommendation.

  • YES
    Cases that receive a “Yes” recommendation have damages and an apparent deviation in the standard of care and warrant further pursuit.

  • NO
    Cases that receive a “No” recommendation fail to meet the basic criteria for a viable medical malpractice case.

All of our reports include .CSV files, so you can import client data into your case management software and get started on your new cases right away.

Save Time. Get Results.

Our team of registered nurses works with your firm to get the information you need to determine if a claim is worth pursuing. That means you don’t waste time and energy on leads that lack medical merit, and you can devote your resources to giving your clients the help they deserve.

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